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Hydroponics? A Resource Guide for understanding and using Hydroponics.Hydroponics Grow Shop includes a wide array of gardening supplies and products keyed to making gardening easier, safer, clean and more efficient. Hydroponics, growing plants without soil, is just one method modern growers use to grow more in less space and less time!

Hydroponics is all about enriching water by creating and maintaining a “perfect nutrient solution” that is perfectly balanced for the plant. When the plants get exactly, everything they need, all the time, it will grow as fast, and provide the best flavor and nutritional value, that it possibly can.

Hydroponics is growing plants without soil. Absolutely anything that can be grown in soil can be grown hydroponically. The key is determining the precise, ideal, nutrient solution for the specific plant, and consistently providing it to the roots. Typically, by using a general purpose hydroponic nutrient, plants will outperform soil grown plants in the same environment. Hydroponics Grow Shop is a complete guide to building and operating your own indoor garden. Includes detailed instructions, photos and step-by-step set up.